Country specific labelling

Exported British and Irish food and dairy with labels that meet all your country’s regulations.

British dairy products with bespoke language labels

We provide a bespoke relabelling service to facilitate the entry of our fine British and Irish dairy products into foreign markets.

By supplying new labels in any language, formatted to suit your country’s regulations and requirements, we simplify the journey to Point of Sale. Labelling can vary country to country in terms of formatting, font size, and the detail of nutritional information required. With 4 decades of experience exporting dairy products to foreign markets, we guarantee total compliance for our customers, streamlining our products’ path to market.

Label translations

Providing labels that can be understood by the purchaser are a critical aspect of international export.

To simplify the process for our customers, we offer a bespoke relabelling service. Whether you want to import cheese from our own range or one of our trusted partners, we provide translated labelling in your language. We streamline the journey of goods from manufacture to sale, working hard to deliver our cheeses ready for retail every time.

Label compliance

Shipping to over 42 markets across the world, we know how food regulations vary across countries and cultures.

From nutritional information to ingredients lists to the font size and formatting of the label, each market has its own specific requirements. To guarantee our customers experience no import hold-ups, we produce product labels bespoke to your region. We also ensure all import and export information is provided so the end user knows who to contact. With us, you can safeguard compliance for your British and Irish cheese and dairy.

Supporting importers & retailers

Bringing foreign dairy products to market can be a complicated process, which is why we’re proud to offer our customers a comprehensive relabelling service.

We have years of experience working within different regulations to reprocess and bring products to market with a trusted network of specialists. With in-depth knowledge of over 42 territories, our team guarantee label compliance, helping to accelerate the import process for our customers.

Coombe Castle cheese

Providing translated labels that adhere to your country’s regulations for the full Coombe Castle range.

Devon Cream Company

Spoonable cream made from finest cow’s milk, available relabelled in line with your market’s requirements.

Our partner brands

A range of partner dairy products from the UK and Ireland, with bespoke labels to guarantee compliance in your country.