Export Services

We export our range of mouth-watering cheeses and dairy products to 42 countries across the globe.

Exporters of finest British cheese and dairy from the UK

Working with a network of the very best British suppliers, we provide a range of dairy products including cheese and creams to markets all over the world through temperature-controlled storage and distribution.

With flexible order volumes and a range of add-on services, we make it easy for retailers in foreign markets to bring the great taste of British dairy to their shelves. Whether you want to arrange regular shipments or test the waters, we can coordinate all aspects of the export process and guarantee compliant documentation. Industry expertise, logistics knowhow, and passion for our product – it’s a recipe for shipping success.

Pallet consolidation across brands and SKUs

Relabelling and bespoke labelling service

Compliant documentation

The journey of a shipment

Source products

Using our intimate knowledge of British and Irish cheesemaking techniques, we source dairy products perfectly suited to the gap you wish to fill in your market. We connect with most talented artisans in the British Isles and collate the required products in our temperature-controlled warehouse. With our passionate team on your side, you can feel confident you’re receiving only the best in British and Irish dairy.

Consolidation in warehouse

We provide a totally tailored service, allowing you to order lower minimum order quantities and test the waters with new flavours across the full range of our suppliers. To enable this, we offer mixed pallet ordering where we consolidate small quantities of different cheese and dairy products to maximise pallet fill and reduce costs. This means our shipments are highly efficient, and we can offer importers a great deal of flexibility in terms of the range of products and flavours.


With accuracy and consistency, we complete all the necessary documentation required to guarantee safe passage through UK customs and into your market. Dealing with the intricacies of customs compliance can be a complicated process, but our industry experts take care of all the details making sure there are no delays.

Shipment in refrigerated containers

Our delicious cheeses are loaded into refrigerated containers and sent to 42 countries across the world. We plan the timings carefully to make sure our products arrive at your market at the ideal stage of their maturity with the maximum shelf life, ready for sale.

Documentation for British cheese exports

From certificates of origin to export documents and shipping notes, we handle all the paperwork. With 4 decades of experience safeguarding the passage of goods across international waters, we take great care ensuring documentation is completed with impeccable attention to detail, making sure there are no customs hold ups for your imported goods.

Seasonal exports of British cheese & dairy products

We work months in advance to coordinate every aspect of the planning, creation, and export of seasonal dairy products ready for the holiday season. From autumn novelty truckles to festive Stilton to Valentine’s Day hearts, we can plan and bring to life your seasonal promotions. Forecasting every eventuality and handling the export process from start to finish, we guarantee your special products hit the shelves at optimum maturity and freshness.

Leading exporters of British artisan dairy products

Artisan cheesemakers across Britain trust us to help them start exporting their products internationally. We help manufacturers grow their businesses and start accessing new markets and opportunities for their great-tasting creations. With a passion for incredible cheese and dairy, we’re the partners of choice for some of the most exciting British and Irish producers.