Environmental Strategy

We recognise that our business has an impact on the environment and we are dedicated to understanding and respecting this. We are currently assessing and understanding the impacts and generating solutions and opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint.

We’re Committed To Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Strategy
Meaningful change
Net Zero Journey
Why do we have an environmental strategy?

Producing the finest dairy products means respecting nature. By having a positive environmental relationship, we hope to work with nature to continue to ensure the provision of high-quality dairy products.

A wide range of stakeholders are interested in what we’re doing – employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, regulation and we owe it to our stakeholders to address this important issue.

It’s the right thing to do.

In our quest to become a net zero company, we have calculated our carbon footprint and set targets to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We have identified our wider climate, ecology, and waste impacts and looked across all business activities for opportunities to improve our environmental impacts. We are also engaging key stakeholders to collaborate with us to create greater environmental sustainability.

Our Sustainability Journey

  • Created an environmental policy that supports every sustainability decision we make as a business
  • Evaluated legislation and regulations to ensure compliance and track progress
  • Collected, analysed and computed our organisational data from 2022 to produce a detailed, comprehensive carbon footprint report. This report highlights areas where our emissions are most impactful and informs our carbon reduction strategy
  • Taken steps to improve the quality of the carbon footprint data we produce
  • Undertaken a thorough waste and packaging review
  • Created an employee-led group that work together to promote environmental best practice, enact meaningful change and motivate and educate all staff on environmental sustainability
  • Having completed the sustainplus+ package with mdsustain

Our authentic intent around improving our environmental impact means we don’t tend to shout about the positive environmental choices we have already made (like our solar panels that were installed in 2011) but rest assured we are looking at all business areas.

We continue to review our processes to find opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and we welcome feedback from our stakeholders.

The Carbon Footprint 2022 is available on request.