27th July 2023

Wiltshire Air Ambulance hosts King’s Award Ceremony

The Coombe Castle Team was delighted to visit the Wiltshire Air Ambulance air base on Friday 21st August for the The King’s Award for Enterprise ceremony.

The King’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious UK business awards. The awards recognise and celebrate outstanding success of a select number of the UK’s 5.5 million businesses. Coombe Castle International is one of 148 organisations recognised in 2023. This is Coombe’s fifth Enterprise award and the first from The King.

The King’s Award was presented to Coombe Castle’s Managing Director, Darren Larvin, at the Wiltshire Air Ambulance air base during the ceremony by the Vice Lord Lieutenant Sir Andrew Gregory. The Mayor of Wiltshire, Councillor Simon Crundell, and the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, The Rt Hon Michelle Donelan MP,  were also in attendance.

MD Darren Larvin commented “It is a great honour for all our employees who have worked so hard over the years to grow our business. This award is recognition of their effort, their dedication and the loyalty of our suppliers and customers around the world.”

A special thank you to Wiltshire Air Ambulance for hosting The King’s Award for Enterprise ceremony at the air base and to the crew for giving us Coombe Castle special tour & for saving lives every day.

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