8th March 2024

Bos Foods Launches Bos Kaviar Knüller Set

This week BOS FOOD GmbH have launched their annual Bos Kaviar Knüller Set!

This offer includes a jar of Devon Cream Company Crème Fraîche, 125g Ossetra Kaviar and Belinis for the perfect memorable gift and celebrations!

The Osietra sturgeon is one of the best-known sturgeon for caviar. Its large grain, delicate texture and unmistakable nutty flavour have made it the favourite caviar of gourmets and star chefs for generations.

The Bos Kaviar Knüller Set is available to purchase on Bos Foods website here: Bos Kaviar Knüller Set (125g Ossetra Kaviar, Blinis, Creme Fraiche), 430 g, 3 tlg. | BOS FOOD Onlineshop

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