1st September 2023

Suma Wholefoods takes on Organic Clotted Cream

Devon Cream Company’s Organic Clotted Cream is now available at Suma Wholefoods, a specialist distributor in vegetarian, organic, fairtrade, natural and fine foods in the UK and beyond. 


Sophie Ziegler-Jones, communications lead at Suma, added:

“The launch of organic clotted cream by Coombe Castle is a welcome addition to our range. The Devon Cream range has always been popular with independent retailers, and this new option will offer them a point of difference. Earlier this year, as part our sustainability strategy, Suma took the decision to stock only organic single-ingredient dairy products. Just a few months later and Coombe Castle have brought an impressive new organic product to the market.”

Discover our Organic Clotted Cream here. If you have any enquiries please email info@coombecastle.com


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