3rd July 2023

Success for Belton Farm at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2023

The 2023 International Cheese and Dairy Awards took place yesterday at the Staffordshire County Showground and we are delighted to announce we received a total of 54 awards and 7 trophies including, Supreme Creamery Cheshire Cheese, Champion Modern British and for the 12th year in a row, the National Westminster Trophy for the highest number of points in show, gaining Belton Farm recognition for our consistent cheese quality.



Farmhouse Cheesemakers Trophy – White Cheshire

Supreme Creamery Cheshire Cheese – Coloured Cheshire

Best Branded Packaging – Belton Farm Triple Pack

National Westminster Trophy – Highest Number of Points in Show

Champion Farmhouse Traditional Cheese – White Cheshire

Champion Modern British Cheese – Vintage White Fox

Best Smoked Cheese – Smoked Red Fox



DP2: White Cheshire Trad

DP4: Mild Coloured Cheddar Top Hat

DP6: Mature Cheddar Trad

DP8: Vintage White Cheddar Trad

DP12: Red Leicester Trad

DP13: Double Gloucester Trad

DP44: Coloured Cheshire Block

DP46: White Cheshire Block

DP64: White Fox Block

DP65: Vintage White Fox

DP69: Smoked Red Fox

DP70: White Fox Block

DP91: Sage Derby

DP93: Port Wine Derby

DP136: Double Gloucester Trad

DP179: Smoked Red Fox

DP218: Organic Mature Cheddar Block

DP219: Organic Red Leicester Block

DP231: Red Leicester Block

DP412: Triple Pack


DP3: Coloured Cheshire Trad

DP45: White Cheshire Block

DP46: Coloured Cheshire Trad

DP52: Caerphilly Block

DP55: Red Leicester Block

DP57: White Cheshire Trad

DP69: Smoked Red Fox Block

DP72: Red Fox 200g

DP137: White Cheshire Trad

DP151: Red Fox Block

DP228: Organic Mature Cheddar 200g

DP231: Vintage Red Fox Trad

DP242: Red Leicester Block

DP243: Red Fox Block

DP359: Whey Butter

DP411: Red Fox 200g


DP2: White Cheddar Trad

DP13: Double Gloucester Trad

DP45: White Cheshire Block

DP46: White Cheshire Trad

DP50: Double Gloucester Block

DP51: Mature Double Gloucester Block

DP55: Red Leicester Block

DP57: Red Leicester Trad

DP65: Vintage White Fox Trad

DP91: Double Gloucester Onion & Chive Top Hat

DP136: Vintage Red Fox Trad

DP137: White Cheshire Trad

DP138: Sage Derby Wheel

DP151: White Fox Block

DP218: Organic Medium White Cheddar Block

DP228: Organic Red Leicester Block

DP232: White Cheshire Block

DP241: Cheddar Block

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