15th August 2023

Devon Cream Company Unveils New Organic Clotted Cream

Coombe Castle is delighted to announce that Devon Cream Company have released their new Organic Clotted Cream!

Devon Cream Company’s new Organic Clotted Cream is 100% natural with no additives and no preservatives. Organic Clotted Cream has also been certified by the Soil Association; Organic certification ensures the product is produced according to strict standards which guarantee sustainability and animal welfare as top priorities.

Organic Clotted Cream has the same luxurious, spoonable characteristics, delightfully creamy taste and extended chilled shelf life as Devon Cream Company’s Clotted Cream.

“Our organic clotted cream is silky smooth, indulgently creamy and deliciously thick. Perfect spread thickly over a warm scone with a dollop of strawberry jam. The essential ingredient to a traditional English cream tea. Why not also try with fresh strawberries, berries or on pies as an indulgent organic alternative to whipped cream.”

For more information click here. If you have any enquiries please email info@coombecastle.com

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